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You can earn money on Quora by just asking questions.

Many people feel Quora’s business model a bit confusing. On Medium, writers writing work earns them money at the end of the month. When you look up at Quora, you will get shocked as they are only giving you money for asking questions.

To earn on Quora, you need to join their partner program. Like the Medium Partner program, the Quora partner program offers monthly payments based on question performance. Quora partner program has been controversial from the beginning. Many people wonder why Quora still compensate for writing questions.

Why asking questions is important for Quora than writing answers?

Quora has started in 2010, in which a group of friends…

Become unstoppable by implementing them in your life.

“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.” — Hal Elrod

Have you ever feel demotivated? I feel it sometimes.

The human being is a social animal. When we see others ahead of us, we feel demotivated. To become unstoppable, you need not compete with the world. You can change your life by implementing minor changes in your lifestyle.

Here are 10 tips that can make you unstoppable.

1. Be Positive

Life is 5% about happiness and 95% about unhappiness. Prepare yourself to deal with unhappiness. …

How a chain smoker like me, become a nicotine-free person.

Addiction can ruin your life. Smoking at least 12 cigarettes per day was common for me. Trying to be honest, I smoked for thrill and enjoyment. After 3 years, I realized, I was doing something horrible in my life.

Smoking can ruin your life if you are a chain smoker. I couldn't control myself from smoking. I tried but failed.

I was in the hospital for 3 days, when I decided not to smoke. The doctor injected nicotine in my body. I was nothing without nicotine.

I had a smoking routine. I was a chain smoker who couldn't go to…

More views is not equal to more money….

“Medium is not lucrative nowadays, let’s go to Fiverr instead,” she said to me yesterday.

“Are you really mad! who will write the article for $5 — with research and proper citation and with gravy of 2 times revision.”

I shouted at her.

After talking with a lot of freelancers in India, who say 0.1 cents per word is better pay and they pump 5 to 6 articles every day to pay bills at the end of the month.

Rather I would have sold ice cream in front of the school and make money to pay bills.

Writing will never…

Many established writers are hunting newbie by telling them absolute false

Yesterday, while watching the movie with my dog, I got one email. I ignore emails after 9 pm, but this was a different one.

Make at least $1000 per month by writing on Medium

Oh! really what? Are you serious? How it can be possible? Should I join your course, and after it I will automatically start earning $1000 per month?

This mail was common for me. Many top writers on Medium sell their packages to teach you how to earn more money on Medium so, you can go to Switzerland for a honeymoon (I am joking).

They don’t tell…

This Is What I Discovered

I never had a thought, I can earn online by writing. Online writing is difficult. Many give up when they don’t get the expected result.

Jacob started writing one year ago. He started writing every day. He chose freelance writing and joined the partner program of one of the blogging sites. But he was not happy with his result. The reason was simple,

He was not earning more!

This happens to everyone. Many of us try to earn a living from writing. Practically, it’s possible. But everything takes time.

Expectations vs. reality

Many writers think they will get a good sum in their…

This platform is becoming a gambling spot (Vocal competitions)

I started writing on vocal Media in the middle of September. I was expecting much from this new platform. As my blog failed, I looked for a better alternative to add an extra passive income stream to my life.

It is always better to recognize the red flag earlier

When I started investing in stocks, I was not sure about my investments choices. Like other new investors, I invested in penny stocks and lost most of my savings.

I learned more by experience and less by reading books, about how to invest and earn potential income from the stock market.

“When a person with money meets a person with experience, the one with experience ends up with the money and the one with money leaves with experience.”

This is a line said by warren buffet.

You can achieve success by investing in the stock market, but for landing in…

Many online blogging options are now available for writers

Making money by writing online is a privilege for many writers. If you have a good reading background along with writing interest then you can earn money by writing online.

The Internet world is always craving new and trendy content. If you look at studies, the average American spends 5.4 to 5.8 hours daily to consume content.

In the content market, there are about 99% of the consumer and the remaining are creators. Welcome if you are in the creator category. Online options are available for content creators.

When you come across a writing business, you get opportunities to work…

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