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You can earn money on Quora by just asking questions.

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Many people feel Quora’s business model a bit confusing. On Medium, writers writing work earns them money at the end of the month. When you look up at Quora, you will get shocked as they are only giving you money for asking questions.

To earn on Quora, you need to join their partner program. Like the Medium Partner program, the Quora partner program offers monthly payments based on question performance. Quora partner program has been controversial from the beginning. Many people wonder why Quora still compensate for writing questions.

Why asking questions is important for Quora than writing answers?

Quora has started in 2010, in which a group of friends…

Become unstoppable by implementing them in your life.

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“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.” — Hal Elrod

Have you ever feel demotivated? I feel it sometimes.

The human being is a social animal. When we see others ahead of us, we feel demotivated. To become unstoppable, you need not compete with the world. You can change your life by implementing minor changes in your lifestyle.

Here are 10 tips that can make you unstoppable.

1. Be Positive

Life is 5% about happiness and 95% about unhappiness. Prepare yourself to deal with unhappiness. …

How a chain smoker like me, become a nicotine-free person.

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Addiction can ruin your life. Smoking at least 12 cigarettes per day was common for me. Trying to be honest, I smoked for thrill and enjoyment. After 3 years, I realized, I was doing something horrible in my life.

Smoking can ruin your life if you are a chain smoker. I couldn't control myself from smoking. I tried but failed.

I was in the hospital for 3 days, when I decided not to smoke. The doctor injected nicotine in my body. I was nothing without nicotine.

I had a smoking routine. I was a chain smoker who couldn't go to…


On Staten Island’s South Shore, the mass vaccination site which is located at the gymnasium of elementary school is closed due to vaccine scarcity.
An interesting fact is this vaccination site is replaced by van which provides less than 10 vaccines per day. Testing centres are closed in mid-island beach because no one was showing up for testing.
Across New York city covid-19 cases have been tripled from an all-time low in a year 200 cases. Most of the cases are of delta variant.
Particularly Staten Island is becoming a new covid-19 hotspot. It is a daunting task for the administration to…

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A 28-year woman has been sent to jail because she murdered her 3 children. They were toddlers. They have been found dead in their home when the police visited last night. Sandra Chico is the name of the woman who did this mischief. She has a criminal background. She was already on bail according to the Los Angeles county sheriff's department.

The name of her 3 small children's are Milan Rodriguez, Mason Rodriguez and Mia. all of them were less than 5 years old. Police found them in a non-breathing and unresponsive state. All were dead at the crime location…

Both of them are unique in their own way.

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Many writing platforms are available for writers. Medium is one of them. When you compare Medium with another platform, it is too ahead.

I started writing on Medium in October 2020. Still, I’m writing on the platform.

Many writers when discussing on forums about starting WordPress blog. They are quite excited about it. Medium and WordPress blog is a good writing platform. One thing you can miss here is your purpose of writing.

when you choose any writing platform, you must set your goals. …

should you start writing more on Medium?

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Medium has started giving a bonus for active writers on the platform. As this move is welcomed by many writers, it is a helping platform to make writer somewhat wealthy.

When I go through Facebook groups like any company employee, Medium writers are unsatisfied with the platform. They all write quality article on Medium.

You see little difference in the quality of the top writer’s article and the average one. When the Newsbreak platform started to remunerate writers, they were shocked as many writers were getting good sum than Medium.

I saw many Medium articles saying the same story published…

Covid-19 crises is not yet over

When the covid-19 wave occupied the USA in early 2020, New York was the worst-hit area in the USA. Coronavirus which assumed to be spread through the Chinese lab has created havoc in many parts of NYC state. When you look at numbers and graph you can understand them better.

Corona cases in NYC state Google search results

Longstanding covid-19 emergency has been ended in New York and New Jersey. When zero cases reported on Friday. It was the first time when New York state has reported zero cases in the last 11 months.

When the state health department has…

Discover a new writing platform for good passive income


The vocal media platform is growing. It’s the current competitor of Medium. Vocal Media yet have a different monetization model. Many aspiring writers have tried vocal Media and they have a different opinion about it. The common one is, the platform doesn’t have enough traffic, so it is difficult to earn potential income from the platform.

Many writers don’t know about the potential of vocal media. You can earn more if you focus more on SEO Stuff. I know, it’s difficult to rank on a site that has a .media extension. …

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