You can use Negative emotions to motivate yourself

Motivated Man Has Started his running routine early in the morning
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It was 8 pm on Friday evening. I was seating on a chair, and figuring out a plan for the weekend. After a tiring day at the office and after client delivery, I was expecting to enjoy the weekend. …

“Focus can change your life at a speed of 3x”

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You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.

We love multitasking. Watching movies while eating and texting during work, is common for us.

but, wait!

Our brains hate multitasking. We fail when we try to multitask. Our brain still works…

No one Knows, What will happen next.

American troops

Afghanistan is now under Taliban control. No one is actually able to conquer Afghanistan, to date. From Sikandar to America, everyone went with empty hands. Now one question will pop up in your head, what made the Taliban successful?

Taliban are people with no proper education and way of living…

New opportunity for writers.

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Many content creation options are available now. The content industry is on the boom. Platforms are hiring creators to expand their reach, and Patreon is no exception for it.

The general misconception is, Patreon is for artists, video makers or comedians. It is not true. …

It’s time to invest heavily

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I know, the scary month of march 2020. In a single month, all stock markets went down by 40 per cent. There was fear in the market. It was starting of a bear phase in the market. Many hedge fund managers sold stocks and investors lost their money. …

It’s affiliate marketing 2.0

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Medium’s new referral program will help you to earn like amazon’s affiliate market. They’re going to pay you $2 per new reader, converted to member.

According to the email they sent me, Now each writer will get the one landing page. …

Quora has started paying their writers

Image from Quora

The Creator economy is on the boom. Many social media sites including Facebook are giving compensation to their creators. They know the value of content creators. 5 years back, no one is interested to pay for what you create.

Still, the creative industry is in the hands of few people…

Let me tell you to step by step

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When I joined the Newsbreak platform, I thought it will give me good return than Medium. But I didn’t get the expected result. Newsbreak is a complicated platform. You need to be a local reporter or journalist to go viral.

Newsbreak has a different model than Medium. Newsbreak pays you…

You don’t need more than 20minutes to become consistent on the platform

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When I started my journey on Medium, I knew zero about writing. After completing one year on Medium, I learned a lot about this platform. Put money aside, I made networking with other writers. Sharing ideas and reading the work of other writers has been motivating me since my joining.

Saurabh Adhane

Writer and software Engineer also loves photography and solo Travelling

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