A credit card is a systematic way to pull out money from your pocket

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Money, love and having good sleep are important things in life. I’ve seen good people in pain due to high mortgage instalments and the inability to pay bills.

Some of them are in good corporate positions, some have good running businesses. Still, people went broke financially.

The USA has a…

People still prefer coke over water

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“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” — John Lennon

Jack run a big business. He has rich clients. He sleeps after partying during the weekend. He doesn’t have to worry about money. he is the most successful man in our city. (According to my neighbours)


Personal finance

To achieve financial freedom, you need to be more disciplined

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Last week, Paytm IPO got listed in the Indian share market. My friend, Nawaj invested a lack of rupees into it, hoping stock to show upward movements.

But, the story was different.

Stock collide by 27% immediately after launching. Operator played their game and made money. …

Saurabh Adhane

Writer and software Engineer also loves photography and solo Travelling

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