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To achieve financial freedom, you need to be more disciplined

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Last week, Paytm IPO got listed in the Indian share market. My friend, Nawaj invested a lack of rupees into it, hoping stock to show upward movements.

But, the story was different.

Stock collide by 27% immediately after launching. Operator played their game and made money. …

Climate change is a neglected subject in the USA

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America generally takes a controversial stand on climate change. For Russia, changing climate is like a boon, which can help to make barren, ice-covered land better for cultivation. For a country like India, where most of the population lives in agriculture is going to be difficult.

Donald trump’s stand on climate change

When Donald Trump was…

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Silicon valley is bending towards bio-hacking. Bio-hacking is a process of making healthy choices, so you can live a better life. Here are some tips of bio-hacking.

  1. Sleep more

sleeping 8 hours, with all sleep cycles is important part in the bio-hacking. sleeping makes your brain to process his task and also allow body to repair cells.

2. Eat less and eat healthy

Next part of bio hacking is eat less and eat healthy. Try to eat, as much as healthy food, which protect your body from outside diseases, increase your immunity and fulfills body nutrition.


doing body workout helps you to reduce cancer, it helps your body to look like gymnast and helps you to live better life.

4. Meditation

It’s always better to slow down. Meditation removes your stress and makes yours self mentally healthy..

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Writer and software Engineer also loves photography and solo Travelling

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