3 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Money In Stock Market

Saurabh Adhane
3 min readFeb 10, 2024
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The stock market is a gamble. Don’t invest your hard-earned money in it.

My dad says it every day.

In my country, the stock market is seen as a well of gambling where 99 percent of the people make money and the rest lose it all.

According to a survey conducted, many people lose money in the market because they don’t lack knowledge but they don’t have patience.

If you look at Warren Buffet’s wealth it grew after he turned 65 years old.

This means the time for which you’re investing matters a lot more than the amount you are investing in the market.

You’re buying every stock

One of my friends has 135 stocks in his portfolio. I asked him why he was buying such a large amount of stocks.

The answer from him is, ‘All stocks are good’.

He is working on the philosophy of buying everything good in the market.

According to him, he is doing so-called value investing.

Many investors make this mistake.

They try to buy everything they want in their portfolio. But it is not a good idea to do so.

According to many stock market experts, try fewer companies to see a good compounding effect in your stock portfolio.

Your stock portfolio can be of two types,

  • Concentrated portfolio
  • Diversified portfolio

If you have a concentrated portfolio, then it is better to buy a maximum of 15 stocks in your portfolio from a long-term perspective.

If you are a diversified investor try to buy at least 30 stocks in your portfolio.

Don’t be over diversified, it will reduce your gains in the long term. Hence you must have limited stocks in your portfolio.

By doing this you will get better returns.

You don’t know when to sell stock

Many investors don’t know when to sell stock.

They struggle a lot when it comes to stock selling. One of the best ways to decide on stock selling is to…



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